Moonstone In Bloom

Locally grown on the North Coast

Customer Testimonials


Devon did the floral arrangements for my 30th birthday party.  I couldn't be happier.  The arrangements were more than just beautiful, they were perfect and really brought my whole vision together. 

-Rebecca A.

June 2015


We do lots of weddings here at The Lost Whale Inn.  Indeed we're known for providing some of the most beautiful settings, staging, and arrangements for the entire county.

Fortunately for us, we met Devon Van Dam last year when we were scaling back on the work usually done by one of the owners who is semi-retired now. Devon stepped in and not only filled that gap, but provided a level of excellence that was second to none.

We're fortunate to have a person with her skills in such a rural area; she rivals the best of the best as far as we are concerned-whether it be New York, San Francisco, or a rural county like ours.

She is willing to spend the time to get the job done.  Not only does she grow many of her own flowers, but she arranges and works with staging them for whatever event she is involved with.

She is creative and she follows directions.  And she is willing to work with the bride's vision and not impose her own.  And whatever task she takes on becomes better for her involvement.

-Guiamar Hiegert, owner

The Lost Whale Inn

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